Hotel Amenities Ideas That Can Attract Your Visitors!

The hotel industries are one of the competitive businesses in the world. Every hotel should constantly come up with creative ideas to make sure that they are popular and trustworthy. A typical hotel can provide basic amenities such as food, water, etc. But, thinking out of the box to attract customers is a talent. So, let us look at some creative ideas to improve and develop the hotel amenities to attract the guests!

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Offer a hamper of local food!

Prepare personalized hampers filled with varieties of local food popular in that region. Be creative during the process of making hampers. Keep it authentic yet cute. This will help your hotel’s growth and recognition on the one hand and will give life to the local small business on the other!

Provide games inside the rooms!

Some people prefer to stay alone or stay with their family only without socializing. So, how about coming up with the idea of In-room games?

Arrange for some best video games and board games that encourage customers to stay for a long time because it just feels like their home!

“Cook along with us!”

Generally, people are curious about how the restaurants in hotels work; and how are they preparing such delicious recipes and cuisines?

Answer these questions by organizing a cooking class where they can learn a recipe that they like. If the idea is receiving good responses, conduct regular sessions that can also keep the customers engaged!

Offer all that you can!

Just know that the guests fall for ‘quality.’

Offer complimentary yet the best movies and books inside the room. In addition to this, provide free popcorn too!

Provide high-quality amenities such as personalized toiletries, soaps, shampoos, etc.  Our VIP concierges all customers to  pick any of these that they wish to use!

Be creative with the theme of the hotel!

People tend to get attracted to the interiors and ambiance of the hotels. While surfing about a specific hotel, they look at the pictures, reviews, and ratings before visiting. So, the hotel must be creative as much as possible with the themes. Have something special that the other hotels do not possess!

Be a pet-friendly hotel!

Recently, pet-friendly hotels have seen a boom in the hotel industry. Did you know? People spend billions of money on pet-keeping. If you are an animal lover who is owning a hotel or planning to run a hotel business, make it a pet-friendly one and see how pet lovers who love traveling crash into your place! However, be very specific in providing everything to the visitors and their pets. Offer complimentary doggie treats, keep a pet resident in your hotel to accompany the pet guest, and increase the cuteness; you can offer personalized mugs. The guests’ photos are printed along with their fluffy and adorable pets!

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